Thursday, December 13, 2007

Camel Safari

How about a jolly ride on the King of the Deserts? Challenging? But the King in question, here, is minus the kingly tantrums and will happily tour you around on its back. Just that you have to hold on real tightly for dear life as it wobbles along the arid spreads of the Thar, India’s west-end desert in the State of Rajasthan or the undulating ranges of Ladakh. Kudos to this fascinating animal who has befriended such stark terrains.

The humped-back escapade

You might initially feel a bit repulsed by the very look and smell of this giant and not-so-goodlooking animal, but after the ride you are bound to vie for a close-up snap with its otherwise preponderous torso.

Roosted on the camel you can venture into the open plains, sparse grasslands and the saline depressions called chapper or rann in the core area of the desert where you can feast on regular sightings of herds of blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra), chinkara (Gazella bennettii), caracal (Felis caracal) and desert fox (Vulpes bengalensis). The deserts house a total of 41 animal and 141 avifauna species. The threatened great Indian bustard (Chirotis nigricaps) is also a natural denizen of this land, including some rare variety of cranes and flamingoes that pass by on their way to the Rann of Kutch.

The carrier of India’s arid hinterland can also give you a wobbly ride in the cold desert lands of Ladakh. July to September are the ideal months for a camel safari into the Valley of Flowers with its mysterious snow leopard and a sylvan cascade of flowers and the Palanmik hot spring famous for its thereupatic qualities. Besides, these Bactrian camels with two humps make the rides more comfortable along the craggy ranges of the area.

Your itinerary planner

In our Rajasthan itinerary, to add that element of antiquity, we arrange musical programmes and campfires for our tourists. Winters are the best seasons. And as you rollick through the rustic streets of on the camel, our giudes add tango to the tour by surprise visits to the nearby temples, palaces, forts and a little chat with the local people with multi-colored dresses and elaborate ornate embellishments. The camel carts, stuffed with food and water, can be a change in case your back starts aching on the toddling beast. The most enticing part is the overnight stay at one of the luxurious oasis camps that we book for you well in advance. The Ladakh camel safari too is frilled with exciting surprizes including a trip to the monastery. Feeling curious? Contact us fast then!
Safari Tips

A sunhat, sun-glasses and a sun-screen lotion with maximum SPF are a must carry. You can also get our representatives arrange for some blankets to layer your leather saddle with - the camel safari might give you a little sore sometimes. But wouldn’t that make an interesting memorabilia of a truly bewitching safari? And how about a glass-full of camel milk at Raika (Rajasthan) to energize you before you get homewards?



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