Thursday, December 13, 2007

Elephant Safari

Nature enthusiasts whose idea of an ideal vacation is to migrate to one of the wildlife recluses than fly away to the Dubai Shopping Festival - will know best the charm of riding an wild animal in the wilderness. Right from the days of the Maharajahs, domesticated elephant safaris have been the most preferred options for touring India’s stocky forests and rugged terrain - where our vehicles even today don’t dare to venture. And the animals’ slow and steady gait acts as apotheosis for those planning a photography spree.

The imperial ride

The very ride on this huge pachyderm is exciting and add to it the thrill of venturing into the densest nooks of the jungle where the wildest of the wild lark about in their natural habitat totally unaware of your roosted presence. “God, it was a safari of a kind!”, gasped one of our French clients, who wanted us to arrange for a jeep initially. At times we add zest to the tour by decorating the elephants with ceremonial umbrella and bright colored clothes as you foray into the streets cushioned on its back. And how about a shower with India’s largest mammals? Being what they are, only an elaborate bathing ritual at one of the reserve water holes can cool their bodies.

Your itinerary planner

Elephant safaris are a commonplace throughout almost all the reserve forests. South India’s Nagarhole and Periyar National Parks have one of the largest elephant population - both domestic and wild. The domestic carrier will take you to watch the wild ones in their herds. A boating cruise at the Periyar lake also can be a good option to watch the wild elephants rollicking on the banks.

Rhino watching in North-East India’s Kaziranga National Park, tiger tracking in the forests of Madhya Pradesh’s Kanha and Bandhavgarh, Corbett (Uttaranchal), Manas (Assam), Ranthambore (Rajasthan) and so on are all done on elephant backs.

Safari TipsThe domesticated elephants are a friendly lot, so don’t miss getting some cuddlesome snaps with them. Start off at the crack of dawn for the best sightings. Carry plenty of potable water and dab yourself well with suntan lotions.



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