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Widlife Photography

Indian wildlife through the lens

Wildlife photography is one of the most challenging domains that requires not just skill-with-the-lenses but patience of epic dimension and unblinking concentration for that ‘perfect moment’.

India’s teeming human community is fast plaguing its hills and dales, true, but fortunately nature, with humanitarian aid, has still been able to guard a whole world of wilderness in its 80 National parks and 441 Wildlife sanctuaries with their treasure of the most exquisite flora and fauna. From the riverine southern territories to the icy peaks of sapphire blue in the Himalayas, the lush montane forests of the Nilgiri Bioshere to the arid deserts of Rajasthan, the moist rain forests of the North-east to the mangrove swamps of the Sunderbans - India lays open before nature enthusiasts a cascade of immaculate beauty, too alive to be stilled in a negative. Its wilderness is a home to a legion of world’s prized (read ‘endangered’) species. To name a few - the one-horned Rhino, Asian white-backed Vulture, Grizzled Giant squirrel, Great Indian Bustard, Salim Ali’s Fruit Bat, Kashmiri Markhor, snow leopard, the Bengal tiger, Asiatic lion, Nilgiri Tahr, Hoolock Gibbon, Swamp Deer or Barasingha, the Siberian crane, Pygmy hog, Sangai Deer - the list is endless. Tailored out of this wilderness and its denizens is the booming tourism industry with well connected transport facilities (air/road/railways), regal resorts and resthouses to suit every budget a stone-throw away from the reserve areas, jeep / elephant safari, trekking, boating cruises, sauntering in groups - accompanied by official forest guides and much more to make it an indelible experience.

Popular Widlife Photography Safaris

Right from one of the Big Cats gorging on its prey and the magnificient herd of elephants that languidly crossed your way, to the enchanting peacock that sat looking skyward - options abound if you have the knack for adventure and the right machine to help you capture those moments forever. Of the 4500 known species of world’s mammalian population, 450 abound the Indian forests. Bandhavgarh, Kaziranga, Kanha, Periyar, Gir, Ranthambore, Bharatpur and Corbett are a few of the reserve areas that come first in the tourist hit-list. Instead of wandering clueless in the wilderness, why don’t you catch hold of our Busy Bee Wildlife counsellor first who will tell you exactly how, where and when to find your hunt. Recommended photoghaphy safaris are....

Bengal Tiger Safari: Tiger photography is perhaps the most popular and adrenalin-rushing photoghaphy escapades. For those with a tiger-fixation the ideal spots are the Tiger reserve terrotories of - Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Corbett, Sundarbans, Bandipur, Dudhwa, Manas, Pench, Periyar, Ranthambore, Sariska and so on. Both summers and winters can be ideal seasons depending on which destination you have picked.

Asiatic Lion Safari: The Gir Lion Sanctuary (Gujarat) veined with hills, rivers and teak forests and the Nehru Zoological Park (Hyderabad) are enticing destinations to photograph the Lord of the Jungle lazying about or prowling for a prey.

One-horned Rhino Safari: In the reserves of Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Orang National Park and also Dudhwa National Park you can easily spot this grazier amongst the grass thickets and the swamps.

Snow Leopard Safari: The paradisiacal Nanda Devi National Park and the Valley of Flowers boasts of rare sightings of this elusive animal. Hail all your luck as you venture into the highlands - about 5500 mt elevations in the Himalayas - for the most challenging of wildlife photoghaphy.

Elephant safari: Domesticated elephants, known for their loyality to their mahouts, take you into the jungles of the Terai region of Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, Assam, Kerala and Karnataka to watch their bretherns in the wild. Your camera would tire clicking herds of them in the forests of Corbett (Uttaranchal), Kaziranga (Assam), Dudhwa (Uttar Pradesh), Nagarhole and Bandipur (Karnataka), Periyar (Kerala) and Manas (Assam).

Nilgiri Tahr Safari: Plan a vacation to the Erivakulam and Periyar National Parks in Kerala, to see the mountain goat graze about in the undulating terrain, totally undisterbed by your presence. The tahrs in Kerala are a friendly lot. You can just walk upto them and get them pose for a snap together.

Avian Photography: The avian denizens encompass a total of 12.5 % of the world’s 1220 species. Your safari tours to the forest reserves of ornithologist favorites Keoladeo (famous for its Siberian Cranes), Ranthambore, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Corbett, Sariska, Salim Ali - all promise the best and closest of photographs.

How about an interesting itinerary that encompasses the best of wildlife safaris? Contact us before you grab your camera.



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