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Horse safari

“Take most people, they're crazy about cars. I'd rather have a goddam horse” - J D Salinger of Catcher in the Rye stated once. Be they the war horses of our erstwhile Maharajahs, the sprinters of the racing course that men bet their fortunes on, the indigenous beasts of burden scooting on the Indian streets or the one’s that are readied for tourists - all have one element in common - speed! For all those who gets an adrenalin rush at the very mention of SPEED, the horse safari can truly be an unequalled experience.

The bumptious gallop

Your itinerary planner

The Horse safari tours are conducted in Rajasthan, hills of Uttaranchal and South India.
However, the most favored horse safari destination are the jungles at the foothills of Himalayas. The best trained and the handsomest of the beasts bred at Rajasthan await your arrival. Dart through the rugged terrain, plush grasslands along tracks where naturalist writer Jim Corbett’s too must have galloped once. Exploring the tiger reserve on your mare can be extremely pulsating.

If camel rides don’t excite you much, you can opt for a horse safari in the arid lands of Rajasthan. And as you trail through its animated streets veined with ancient architectural ruins and colorfully dressed localites, towards the forested countryside, you can halt at several points to take picture of its varied sightings of men and animals.

In case you feel lost with your romping equid, professional guides can also be arranged to accompany you. We design your tours in a way that you can blend trekking, hiking and jungle camping escapades with your horse safari - some respite for your intestines which might tire with the constant toddle. Our experience with speed- addicts have helped us chart out one of the most exciting horse safari expeditions. Check it out!

Safari Tips
Adventure mongers with a bit of horse-riding experience are better suited for the safari. Else your entire trip will be about holding on for dear life as the animal darts through unabated. And give your equine mate some rest every 5-6 hours. Wear breeches or jeans and Boots and stuff in a first-aid kit in your luggage.



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