Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jeep Safari

The fastest and the most exciting of adventure safaris are made on wheels. For those with a passion for driving in undulating terrains, jeep safari can be an inexorable escapade. How about a jeep safari in the Indian wilderness infested with wild animals, some that can give you a chase for your life? Sounds hot? Read on....
Trails into the wilderness
Only last year one of our clients came back with his interesting tale of how in the forests of Kaziranga his jeep came to a screeching halt when the rhino appeared on their way from no where. His 7 year old daughter got so frightened that she gave the loudest srceam ever, startling the animal into a mad charge at them and the jeep jolted back to life and sped with the animal trailing behind. Reminds you of the dinosaurs chase scene in The Lost World? So what do you call this - electrifying?
Your itinerary planner
Nature enthusiasts have rugged mountainuous ranges to arid desert plains, cavernous kuccha tracks to dense forests to choose from for their wheeled-exploration. Stuff your bags with the camera, some durable food-items, a little folding tent and hit the road. The Himalayas are an all time favorite with adventure mongers. Besides, almost all of India’s multitude of 441 wildlife sanctuaries and 80 National Parks have jeep safari facilities. We can be your travel guru and can help you plan a classic sweep through the entire length and breadth of the nation at one go. Except for the monsoons, all seasons can be ideal touring time depending on the places on your itinerary. You can spice up your tour further with regular drop-by’s at spots of historical importance, fairs and festivals, antique villages, wildlife reserves and what not. And for where-to-look-out-for-what we are there!

Safari Tips
Avoid wearing stringent perfumes and bright colored clothes while on your wildlife jeep safari. Not that the animals hate fragnances and colors, just that they might be alarmed unnecessirily. And yes, please don’t go for catch-me-if you-can’s if one of the beasts takes on a chasing spree. Let them be!



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